With Paperflow you can choose a solution with or without validation. 

Paperflow with validation 

As an end user, if you experience incorrect data in your scanning e.g. wrong date, total amount etc., the partner will handle first level support. Reach out to your partners support, and briefly describe the issue as well as the unique Paperflow ID.

As a partner, if you experience incorrect data, please forward the issue to our Paperflow support team at paperflow@support.com. Briefly describe the issue as well as the unique Paperflow ID, and you will hear back from us shortly.

Paperflow without validation

If an error occurs in the scanning you can forward the document to feedback@paperflow.com. From there our team will adjust our scanning engine regularly to ensure an as optimal as possible engine and thereby minimize those types of errors continuously. 

It takes approximately 5-7 vouchers of same content from same creditor to teach our scanner to handle the specific voucher better.