With Bilagscan you can choose a solution with or without validation. 

Bilagscan with validation 

If an error occurs in the scanning e.g. wrong or missing invoice number, total amount etc. we forward the document to our team for manual validation which ensures that the customer always gets the correct data delivered. Because of the manual validation fase the processing time is set to 24 hours max.

In the unlikely event of an error or a processing time of more than 24 hours please contact support@bilagscan.dk. From here our supporter will take action on your feedback and reply to you within two business days. 

Bilagscan without validation

If an error occurs in the scanning you can forward the document to feedback@bilagscan.dk with a short explanation of the error. From there our team will adjust our scanning engine regularly to ensure an as optimal as possible engine and thereby minimize those types of errors forwardly. 

It takes approximately 5-7 vouchers of same content from same creditor to teach our scanner to handle the specific voucher better.