If you have a catalog over your creditors, you can upload this to Bilagscan, and we will find the creditor among your catalog for each voucher. Use the endpoint UpdateCreditorCatalog to send the catalog to Bilagscan. To make our internal models better for your particular catalog, be sure to update each voucher after scanning is complete with the correct catalog IDs, and we will use these in our models. By updating the vouchers with the correct data, our models will being to give more correct data on your vouchers for these particular creditors.

To ensure the models are working optimally, you need to take care when sending your catalog. There should not be any overlap between keywords for creditors. In the beginning, we will perform the matching using internal algorithms, which might not be perfect. In order to make these better, you should correct errors in the selection for each voucher by updating the voucher with the correct creditor from the catalog. Our improved models will take over for the algorithms after you have updated 50 vouchers, and our improved model will then assist in the selecting of the creditor, using your feedback. Note, however, that our improved model will only be able to help the selection in the cases where you have updated more than 5 vouchers previously for the same creditor.

Updating a voucher where we selected the correct creditor is also important, since this tells our models that it was correct, and it will use this information as well.

The Creditor Catalog is a catalog of your customers’ creditors. These need to be uploaded through Bilagscan’s API. 

The benefit of the Creditor Catalog is that Bilagscan can match the creditors from your ERP system with the incoming invoices.

The output is that the data Bilagscan delivers back to your customers will be more complete, which will result in a better user experience.