Once you have created an organization, you can send vouchers as attachments via email. The email address to send the vouchers to can be obtained via the mail_forward_address field of GetOrganization. When sending an email to this address, Bilagscan will extract any attached PDFs and process them as vouchers. If there are no PDFs in the mail, Bilagscan will instead extract all images from the email and process these as vouchers. This is the default behavior. If all attachments should be extracted, set filterVouchersOnMail to false for the organization.

If there are no vouchers in the email at all, Bilagscan will send an error mail, indicating this error. If there are images in the email, but none are large enough to process as vouchers, Bilagscan will send an error mail indicating none of the images were large enough.

Error mail recipient

All error mails will be sent to specific recipients. If the field voucher_mail_notify_level of GetOrganization is error or always, the sender of the original email will get the reply. If the value is instead none, the original sender will not get an error mail. For the value error, replies are only sent on errors. For the value always, a reply for each email is sent.

No matter the value of the field voucher_mail_notify_level, any error mail will also be sent to the notification list of the organization. This list can be managed via the endpoints for notifications.

All error mails will have the original voucher(s) attached, if any was found.

Different scanning mails

Bilagscan supports a few different scanning mails. The mail_forward_address field is the primary email for sending vouchers to be scanned. If the scanning email is abcde@scan.bilagscan.dk, then these emails are available:

  • abcde@scan.bilagscan.dk: Primary scanning email. Vouchers sent to this email will be scanned normally, and Bilagscan assumes these are incoming vouchers, meaning the recipient of the voucher is the organization at Bilagscan.
  • abcde+income@scan.bilagscan.dk: Vouchers sent to this email will be scanned normally, but will be marked as an outgoing voucher, meaning the sender of the voucher is the organization at Bilagscan.